I am an autistic accountant living and working in Chester (North West England).

I set my sights on being an accountant at 16 and it has been an incredibly rough journey between then and now. I have hit rock bottom and as JK Rowling said, it became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. When you look a depression that dark straight in the eye you come out with a whole new perspective on what matters in life. It is because of this I advocate strongly for the inclusion and support of those with a neurodiversity (autism, dyslexia etc), as well as for mental health awareness/understanding.

I have written about change for the National Autistic Society here (page 6), reasonable adjustments for Me.Decoded here and blog posts about what it’s like to be autistic, from shutdowns to special interests here.

I have a YouTube channel with an Understanding Brainy series of animations to help people understand autism as well as a series of videos providing advice for how neurotypicals can help the neurodiverse.

Be patient, be kind.


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I am currently studying to become a chartered management accountant through CIMA and have 3 exams left. Almost there! I am also studying a Master of Arts in Business Management in Financial Services, this will likely take me a couple of years yet. 

I have a First class Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance.